Friday, March 16, 2018

Dreamy Screen Porch Makeovers

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Dreamy Screen Porch Makeovers Screened porches are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while staying away from things like bugs and rain. As the weather starts to warm up, we will be spending more time outside. Here are several beautiful screen porch inspiration photos for you to enjoy. Hopefully they will inspire you to […]

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The Best Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces

As is the case with cramped interiors, when you’re short on outdoor space, you have to think a little bigger to live large. Whether you’ve got a modest balcony or puny patio, porch or patch of grass, we say let’s rise to the challenge of high style on a smaller scale!

Portable Picks in Small Space Outdoor Furniture


When space comes at a premium, having as much flexibility as possible is a major plus. That’s where mobile outdoor furnitureOpens in a new window comes in. Being able to roll it, fold it, grab it and store it with ease makes small space living that much more livable.

More Form. More Fun-ctional Outdoor Furniture

Making the most of a small space means doubling up on form and function. Need a little inspiration? We’ve got plenty of ideas! Think two-in-one seating options and multipurpose furniture that merges seating with storage…seating with shade…and so on. That way you get everything you need in a smaller footprint.

Make it your cozy little corner of the world. The perfect spot for ice tea for two…or just you. A place to catch your breath while the kids are at school…enjoy a good read on a beautiful day…or sip a glass of wine under the stars. Warm it up with pillows, candles and a few weather-safe home accents to make it all your own.

Think Big Pops of Color

No matter how small, an outdoor living space should be an uplifting place, full of energy and vitality. If you love the idea of high-impact color and low-maintenance care, check out the perks of POLYWOOD outdoor furnitureOpens in a new window.

Even a pint-size POLYWOOD bistro table with stools can be a big hit in a small outdoor area. If it’s just the two of you, a pair of rockers or Adirondack chairs with an end table might be plenty to fill your outdoor space in a cool, colorful way.

Get into the Swing of Small Outdoor Space Living

Just because you’re limited on outdoor real estate doesn’t mean you should spare yourself comfort.
A big trend that works for small spaces: hammocksOpens in a new window.

With a hammock, you can turn your modest outdoor space into a hip, hippie hideaway—and maybe even enjoy some pretty groovy health benefits. Recent studies have revealed that the gentle rocking motion and “zero-pressure point” ergonomics of hammocks can actually help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. After a long, hard day, falling into the cradling comfort of a hammock can be heavenly.

If a hammock isn’t quite your style, maybe rock a glider loveseat or cushioned outdoor swing. Nicely scaled for smaller spaces, they’re perfect for cozying up with a good book—or a special someone.


Less-Is-More Room to Spread Out


Think you can’t swing a sectionalOpens in a new window  in a small outdoor space? You might be surprised. There’s a wide range of options in outdoor sectional sizes. Some L-shape designs strike the perfect compromise between cozy and accommodating. Keep in mind, a cushioned ottoman can work triple time as a table, footrest and additional seating, giving you that much more bang for your buck.

When it comes to outdoor living spaces…the sky’s the limit, even when space is limited.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How To Design The Perfect Entryway

Landscape image of an entryway area with a console table and rug and mirror on the wall.

Every home’s entryway provides the perfect opportunity for a grand entrance, no matter if the space is grandiose, compact, or even practically non-existent.  A well-designed entryway is a carefully constructed blend of form and function, offering family and friends a warm welcome, while also providing must-haves that help you make good first impressions. Here are some of our favorite finds to provide a proper welcome to one and all.


Never underestimate the power of a carefully chosen light fixture or two. Start with a stylish overhead light, like a dramatic pendantOpens in a new window, to bathe the area in a warm glow. Then, provided there’s room for a table, add a lamp to provide another layer of light.


What’s an entryway without a wall mirrorOpens in a new window? Not only are they pretty, but they’re practical in a couple of different ways. First, they offer an opportunity for that last-minute glance before dashing out the door; and second, they open up your entryway, reflecting light and space for a more inviting feel. If you prefer canvas over glass, opt for artwork you love – it’s the first thing you and guests see when entering your home, so it should reflect your taste and sense of style.


Every entrywayOpens in a new window could do with a place where you can unpack your day. Whether it’s a seat to remove shoes, a table to harbor everyday essentials, or both, let the size of your entry determine your choices. A small bench is perfect for compact foyers, offering a seat as well as hidden storage space to keep things tidy.


If organization is a problem, consider a coat rack. These are especially useful if you’re not blessed with a coat closet. Choosing a coat rack that fits neatly in a corner keeps coats and bags out of the way so you can keep your entryway neat and guest-ready.


Placing a rugOpens in a new windowon the floor is a terrific way to add color and texture, but choose carefully. You need a rug that can withstand foot traffic as well as whatever your family and guests drag in, from rain and mud to slush and snow. When choosing your rug, consider the vertical clearance space between the bottom of your door and the floor. You don’t want your door to rub on the rug every time it opens and closes. And don’t be afraid of color. It’s the perfect way to add a dash of warmth, making every homecoming a happy one.

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Cheerful Hello Spring Plaque

Cheerful colorful spring plaque

Cheerful Hello Spring Plaque Hello, Pretty Handy readers! It is Anika from Anika’s DIY Life here with a fun new project to get your home’s decor ready for spring! While we are impatiently waiting for spring, I thought we could create a colorful plaque to welcome spring with open arms. I love creating seasonal decor, […]

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Bedroom Makeover Design Board

Bedroom elements on this design board in partnership with Serena & Lily Hey friend! So as I mentioned the other day, we’re doing a little switcho chango with the design of our master bedroom. It’s a small room but it’s been fun to reimagine it! I was very happy with it as it was for […]

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is the most popular finish for most kitchen appliances. It looks great with any type of countertop, tile, cabinet, and it won’t clash with paint colors. But a major drawback to stainless steel is how quickly it can get smudged and dirty. Fingerprints are the number one culprit as anyone with little kids can attest to. Fortunately, cleaning stainless steel is an easy process that can be done using natural ingredients.

Start with Vinegar

Vinegar is the magic cleaning liquid for almost any area of your home, including stainless steel surfaces. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar and a microfiber towel to spray and wipe down your stainless steel appliances. Identify the direction of the grain and go with it when wiping.

Oil for Shine

Vinegar may leave streaks, so use mineral oil to wipe down your appliance. Some people swear by glass cleaner or stainless steel polish, but mineral oil seems to work well with all surfaces.

It’s best to first check your appliances manual as they may have recommended cleaning techniques. Never use any type of abrasive scrubbing pad or cleaners with acid as they can damage and dull your appliance surface.

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How to Set a Home Renovation Budget